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Yacht Rental

Rental boats with crew. We offer different solutions to satisfy the most demanding wishes.
Enjoy the magnitude and uniqueness of the Douro River, with its unique landscapes, or venture out on a journey in our Atlantic coast, essential element of the Portuguese history. Our fleet, self owned and partnerships, includes vessel models: Jeanneau Prestige 42 S, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 36 i, Beneteau Trawler 42, Italcraft 51, Azimut 62 Plus and Princess 60.
All vessels operated are powerful and luxurious, offering every amenity and comfort. We propose the rental of luxury sail and motor yachts, where each trip allows new discoveries and the experience of new sensations. Conquer unforgettable moments in the privacy of a vessel where the company is your choice.



Crew: Each vessel has its own professional crew of skipper and sailor.
Capacity: Due to legal restrictions, the maximum capacity of the vessels is 10 persons.
Fuel: Each daily rental includes fuel for one hour of navigation; per effective hour of additional shipping a fuel surcharge of € 80 / hour will be charged.
Denominations: The daily rental assumes the maximum use of the vessel for 8 hours. The half day rental assumes the maximum use of the vessel for 4 hours. There are no time restrictions for rentals longer than 1 day.
Extra costs are not included, namely: docking in private pier, fees due for night navigation and meals served on board. The costs will be due at the time the service begins. Vessel location: on the Marina do Freixo in Porto. If requasted to start or end services in a different location of the base pier, additional costs of travel / return will be calculated, based on 50% of the normal commercialization value, according to the time needed and fuel actually consumed.