Citroën 11B Familiar

The first forward traction

The Citroën 'Traction Avant' is an executive car produced by the French manufacturer Citroën from 1934 to 1957. About 760,000 units were produced.
The novel design made the car very low-slung relative to its contemporaries – the Traction Avant was always distinctive, which went from appearing rakish in 1934 to familiar and somewhat old fashioned by 1955.

The suspension was very advanced for the car's era. The front wheels were independently sprung, using a torsion bar and wishbone suspension arrangement, where most ontemporaries used live axle and cart-type leaf spring designs. The rear suspension was a simple steel beam axle and a Panhard rod, trailing arms and torsion bars attached to a 75-millimetre (3 in) steel tube, which in turn was bolted to the main platform.

Since it was considerably lighter than conventional designs of the era, it was capable of 100 km/h (62 mph), and consumed fuel only at the rate of 10 L/100 km


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Citroën 11B Familiar

Year: 1954
Engine: 1911 cc
HP. - 58 hp
Seats - 8


  Persons  HP      
Citroën 11B Familiar 8 58